Toral Tajhiz Arma, a manufacturer of all kinds of machines for the production of edible oils, butter and industrial machines

Welcome to the site of Toral Tajhiz Arma Company, a manufacturer of various oil, butter and industrial machines.

About Toral Tajiz

Toral Tajhiz Arma Company is one of the largest industrial companies in Iran in the field of design and manufacture of industrial parts, edible oil production machines and butter production machines.

Toral Tajhiz a professional team

Toral Tajhiz team

Toral Tajhiz team is a technical, professional team consisting of the best academics and craftsmen of Iran. Toral Tajhiz tries to produce the best industrial parts by employing the most experienced craftsmen and graduates of the best universities in Iran.

Toral Tajhiz services

Manufacture and production of spare parts for industrial machinery

Reverse engineering and part manufacturing

Reverse engineering of various industrial parts including: Parts, machinery, Mechanism

Design and manufacture of complementary industrial parts

Design and manufacture of complementary industrial parts with various alloys and superalloys such as: Actuator shaft, Halo Shaft, Power transmission systems

Design and manufacture of gears

Design and manufacture of gear types including: gear coupling, Simple gear, Diagonal gears, Helical gear, Sprocket wheel

other services

Other toral services in the field of parts manufacturing and production of spare parts for industrial machinery: machining of circular straight parts up to a diameter of 710 and a length of 400 mm, Welding and fabrication of light and semi-heavy metal structures, Design and manufacture of long hydraulic and pneumatic jacks

machine manufacturing

Production of edible oil by cold method

Manufacture of cold oil production machines in caliber 32 (internal), Caliber 70, Caliber 90, Caliber 135, Caliber 160

Butter and nuts production machine

Manufacture of various machines for the production of hypermarket / workshop butter, Export butter maker / store butter maker, Cheap butter maker, Homemade butter maker


Cradle (5 liters, 3 liters, 2 liters, 1 liter ), Hammer (10 hp, 7 hp 3 hp Mini Bush ), Coffee (shop, Workshop / High volume )

Installation, maintenance and repair of industrial machinery and food industry

Procurement and supply of standard parts

Procurement and presentation of standard parts with reputable domestic and foreign brands such as Seal ball bearings And other

Assembly, disassembly and installation of machines

Performing assembly, separation and on-site installation services and commissioning of industrial machinery and food industry

Services Repair and replacement of parts

Repair and replacement of parts including screws, shafts and others. Repair and replacement of gearbox parts such as screw, book, penion and cranville and others

Where are we

Our address: Iran, Isfahan, Imam Khomeini St., Esteghlal Sq. (Industrial University Sq.), Azadegan Highway, Mahmoud Abad Industrial Town, 6th St.

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Toral Tajhiz, one of the largest manufacturers of food and industrial equipment in Iran, is ready to advise you in all fields from beginning to end. Dear ones, if you have any questions about any of our services, you can contact us through the contact form or ask your questions and benefit from the advice mentioned on the site.

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